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Certified Welding Engineer

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Course Details
Eligibility Criteria Any Engineer(B.Tech/Diploma)
Duration of Course 30 Days ( 60 Hrs ) – India
Duration of Course 15 Days ( 60 Hrs ) – USA, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, UAE etc.
No. of Seats 15 Only
This comprehensive course which provides a systematic development of skills and knowledge of welding Engineer inline with international standards, this course is design and developed by Sanjary Educational Academy. It covers various modules in welding inspection including welding processes, welding metallurgy, preparation of welding procedures WPS / PQR materials inspection , codes and standards ,welding symbols ,non destructive testing , ,safe practices in welding, welding geometry and welding defects etc. Various methods are applied to maximize the input by organizing workshops, practical and exercises in line with field expertise.
  • Candidates shall meet the following examination requirements to be considered for certification as SEA CWE Certified Welding Engineer
  • Pass Eye Examination – J2 and provide the certificate from doctor.

Part 1 Theory Examination

Part 2 Submission of Project

2.2 Submission of one new welding procedures specification ( WPS )

Part 3 Practical Examination

Part 4 Oral Examination

  • Candidate shall pass each part of the examination. Individual failing any part of the above examination must retest on particular part as applicable.
  • Candidate must score minimum of 70 percent on each of the above examination to be eligible for the certificate and SEA Qualification Card.

Course Syllabus

Module 1 Duties of the Welding Inspector
Module 2 Terms & Definitions
Module 3 Welding Imperfections
Module 4 Metal Properties and Destructive Testing
Module 5 Preparation of welding procedures – WPS/PQR
Module 6 Welder’s Qualification
Module 7 Material Inspection
Module 8 International Codes and Standards
Module 9 Welding Symbols
Module 10 Shielded Method Arc Welding (SMAW)
Module 11 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (TIG)
Module 12 Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW)
Module 13 Submerged Arc Welding (SAW)
Module 14 Non Destructive Examination
Module 15 Weld Repairs
Module 16 Welding Distortion control
Module 17 Heat Treatment and Stress Relief of Weld
Module 18 Cutting Process
Module 19 Welding Saftey
Module 20 Practical Examination on Pipe and Plate
Module 21 Project Submission Submission of New Welding Procedure WPS per ASME IX

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