| Certified QA / QC Inspector Piping

Certified QA / QC Inspector Piping

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Course Details
Eligibility Criteria Any Engineer ( B.Tech / Diploma )
Duration of Course 20 Days
Daily Classes Two Hours Per Day
No. of Seats 20
Course Reference SEA, International Standard & Industrial Norms
This comprehensive course focuses primarily on QA/QC requirements with systematic development of skills and knowledge of QA/QC Inspector Piping for various sectors including Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Refineries, Power Plant and Heavy Fabrication Fabrication Industries including Industrial Construction Projects and Process / Refinery Piping Plants
The course includes the preparation and review of quality documents like Inspection and Test Plans , Stage wise Inspection of Industrial Construction Projects , Refinery Plant Piping Inspection and QA/QC procedures which is the core of overall quality systems of any project and Refinery Plant Piping.
The course provides every aspect of QA/QC requirements including Piping Inspection in great detail including group discussions, workshops and exercises.

  • Candidates shall meet the following examination requirements to be considered for certification as Certified QA / QC Inspector Piping

Part 1 Theory Examination

Part 2 Workshop/Assessment

Part 3 Oral Examination

  • Candidate shall pass each part of the examination. Individual failing any part of the above examination must retest on particular part as applicable.
  • Candidate must score minimum of 70 percent on each of the above examination to be eligible for the certificate and SEA Qualification Card.

Course Syllabus

Module 1 – Course introduction

Module 2 – Roles & responsibilities of QA/ QC Inspector Piping

Module 3 – Classification of pipes

Module 4 – Piping materials and material receiving inspection

Module 5 – International codes and standards

Module 6 –Process Flow Diagram PFD , PI & D , Isometric Drawings

Module 7 – Preparation of inspection test plan (ITP’s )

Module 8 – Preparation of quality control procedures

Module 9 – Implementation of QA/QC system

Module 10 – Welding & NDT methods

Module 11 – Fabrication / Erection of Piping

Module 12 – Calibration of instrument / equipment

Module 13 – Control of Non Conforming items / Produts

Module 14 – Preparation of hydro test package

Module 15 – Final QA/QC dossier / documentation for piping

Note : Certificate , Marks Sheet and Qualification Card will be awarded to the candidate after successful completion of course & examination.

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