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Certificate Verification

SEA students / individuals listed held valid SEA Certificates . Certificates remain valid until the end of the month shown for Expiry Date. Applicants being reviewed for recertification may not be available on this search results. Corrections or questions about it should be addressed to

Sanjary Educational Academy Society ( SEA ) ,
5- 9 233 / 234 , S.No. 24 / 25 – 3rd Floor ,
Sanali Mall, Opp Chermas Showroom,
Abids, Hyderabad, A.P, India ;
Tel. : +91 40 30325454 , +91 9985715560
Email : president@sanjaryacademy.com

After the search results are displayed, click on the certificate holder’s number to display the detail for valid SEA certifications. The information provided here includes the individual’s name, city, state or country of residence, certificate number and the certification Courses for which requirements have been met.

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Pressure Vessel Design Course

QA / QC Course

HVAC Course

Welding Inspector Course

Piping Design course